Meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday at the Township Hall at 6 P.M.




Here is how to Reach out to your Trustees and Officers

  • The March meeting will be held on the 19th at 6 P.M. at the Township building.


Township Officials

Your Trustees serving the community are,

Philip Schaber  (Vise Chairman)740- 361-1313

Robert Handley  740-361-5556

Ryan Eisele ( Chairman) 740- 225-4490




Fiscal Officer
4 Year Term


Penny Fogle 740-225-4030

Zoning Inspector Appointed
1 Year Term


Tim Ryan 740-262-1248

Cemetery Superintendent Appointed
1 Year Term


Tim Noggle (cell) 740- 499-3698
or 740-262-2367

Zoning Commission Appointed
5 Year Term


Tim Fogle (Chairman) 740-382-9878

Mark Lambert 740-382-5933

Denny Polter 419-260-5559

Ann Handley 740-465-5050


Zoning Appeals Board Appointed
5 Year Term

Wendy Fox (Chairman):740-225-2056

Jeremy Fryman (Secretary) 740-396-4760

Linda Stacy 740-382-3023

Darrell Ford 740-383-5060

Jeff Taylor 740-396-2520



Contact Information

Hall Address

4350 DeCliff – Big Island Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Billing Address

4874 Harding Hwy W.
Marion, Ohio 43302