July’s meeting will be on the 14th, not on the 21st. For budget meeting.




Here is how to reach out to your elected officials.


Township Officials

Your Trustees serving the community are,

Philip Schaber  (Vise Chairman)740- 361-1313

Robert Handley  740-361-5556

Ryan Eisele ( Chairman) 740- 225-4490





Fiscal Officer
4 Year Term


Penny Fogle 740-225-4030


Zoning Inspector Appointed
1 Year Term


Tim Ryan 740-262-1248

Cemetery Superintendent Appointed
1 Year Term


Tim Noggle (cell) 740- 499-3698
or 740-262-2367

Zoning Commission Appointed
5 Year Term


Tim Fogle (Chairman) 740-382-9878

Mark Lambert 740-382-5933

Denny Polter 419-260-5559

Ann Handley 740-465-5050


Zoning Appeals Board Appointed
5 Year Term

Wendy Fox (Chairman):740-225-2056

Jeremy Fryman (Secretary) 740-396-4760

Linda Stacy 740-382-3023

Darrell Ford 740-383-5060

Jeff Taylor 740-396-2520



Contact Information

Hall Address

4350 DeCliff – Big Island Rd.
Marion, Ohio 43302

Billing Address

4874 Harding Hwy W.
Marion, Ohio 43302