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All questions or concerns involving zoning issues should be directed to the Zoning inspector, Tim Ryan at (740) 262-1248.

Common projects requiring Zoning Permits:

  • Private garages

  • Porches and decks over 10 sq. ft.

  • Private swimming pools

  • Storage sheds, tool houses

  • Playhouses (over 8 ft. X 10 ft.)

  • Temporary roadside produce stand

Click Here to download a complete copy of the township zoning regulations

Click Here to download a copy of the townships right-of-way widths



Contact the Cemetery Superintendent for information including grave site purchases.

Grave Site Fees

As of 11/10/2015

Township Residents.
$ 400
Marion County Residents but Non-Township Residents
$ 600
Non-Marion County Residents.
$ 900
Cemetery Regulations
  1. Flowers and shrubs are to be planted within 12 inches of monument.
  2. Do Not plant evergreens or other dwarf type shrubs.
  3. Please remove grave blankets and Christmas wreaths by March 15th.
  4. Cemetery closed from dark til daylight.

Emergency Services

Fire Protection

For the area of the township north of State Route 309

Morral Salt Rock Township Fire Department

143 S. Green St.
Morral, Ohio 43337

Emergency Number..........911

Business Number.................(740) 465-7352

For the area of the Township south of State Route 309

New Vision Fire and Rescue

6342 Marion - Agosta Road
P. 0. Box 1754, Marion, Ohio 43301

Emergency Number..........911

Business Number.................(740) 499-4599 (let ring up to 12 times)

Emergency Medical Service

Emergency Number..........911

Business Number.................1 (877) 815-8193